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To our Chinese friends,
The Chinese have heard of the Jews. Many know, for instance, that Marx was a Jew, and Freud, Einstein, the Christian Holy Family, and vastly disproportionate numbers, generally, of inventors, money-makers, Nobel Prize-winners, etc.). Most Chinese don’t realize how few the Jews are – that the Jews remain “one of the fewest of peoples” (Deuteronomy 7:7) But most know about the World War II Germans’, and today’s Arab world’s, fierce “cursing” of Jews and Israel.
Most people, oddly, are NOT aware of the Divinely revealed precept in the Book of Genesis (and elsewhere in the Bible) that God, the Maker of all things, the Ultimate Reality of this and every universe, “blesses those who bless Israel.” (Genesis 12:3, 27:29; Numbers 24:9)
This is the true “prosperity gospel” of the cosmos, especially if you look at the corollary, that God “curses those who curse Israel” (Ibid.) Plainly, if you or anyone wants blessing from God Himself, the Source of all blessing, you want to bless Israel.
Insincere blessing is worthless. Sincere blessing means, at least, respecting the object of the blessing.  
HaShem, the God of Israel, works in nature, through nature, to accomplish His purposes; by making  Jews and Israel so prominent in the world, God grants all the people of the world the opportunity to bring blessing upon themselves. People can, if they wish, positively bless Israel, even beyond vaguely wishing the Jewish people well.
We submit that blessing Israel means respecting Israel and the Jewish people enough to grant them, at least, the benefit of the doubt; to treat the Jewish people’s story seriously; to give Israel with its Torah tradition the chance to speak for itself.
Israel is all about God-consciousness, about working with, instead of against, the dynamic forces that underlie the spiritual universe, that help make up the Rule of God. “Those who bless Israel are blessed” is one of higher-consciousness precepts of Revelation.

God created Israel to help bring the Chinese and every nation true knowledge of God Himself, by His Name as He really is, together with the higher-consciousness principles of the Bible.

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