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By donating to First Covenant you help advance the Name of God the King, the Father, blessed be He, by building awareness of the great holiness, justice, necessity, reasonableness and truth of His covenants.

We discuss, study and contextualize the Universal Covenant: the whole human race's stipulated Pathway to higher consciousness (to greater knowledge of God, "the God of Israel," and His Holy Ways).

God-willing, your gift helps advance the great truths that: 1) common sense, Hebrew Scripture, science, law, history, and the Teachings of the Elders all lead a humble seeker to greater consciousness of God; 2) He, blessed be His Name, wants all humankind to serve Him as happily and consciously as possible; and 3) He AND His Ways are -contrary to all the defamations of those who disbelieve in Him and hate Him - holy, perfect and just.

Knowing to trust God comes from learning.

The First Covenant is the well-established Covenant referenced in the Book of Genesis 9, chapter 9, and in three millenia of Torah scholarship; it's the Path of Truth for everyone, Noahides (non-Jews) as well as Jews. When all the world rallies to the ensign of Israel, "We will go with you, for we have heard that God is with you," (Zechariah 8:23), this is the way it shall go.

If you favor this work, please support it

First Covenant is a U.S. IRS 501(C)(3) qualified educational non-profit.
Donations to First Covenant are tax-deductible.


(For your inormation:) Federal ID Number: 27-0098401

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The First Covenant Foundation
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Detroit, Michigan 48203-1061
Phone (313) 891-1920

Annual reports, official registration, financial and other documents may be obtained through the Michigan Department of Corporations, Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Division, ID # 783819, or by contacting us directly.

That Your Way may be known upon Earth,
Your Salvation among all nations.

Psalms 67:3

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As tiny scales join to form a strong coat of armor,
so do little donations combine to form a great sum of good.


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