Call it the Rainbow Covenant
, the First Covenant,
the Noahide Covenant
, or ....

Whatever you call the awesome compact between God and the whole world, it's the Universal Covenant connected in the Bible to Adam and Eve and Noah and every human being. Granting humanity the right and obligation of dominion over the earth, God also tries to lift and guide us with a Law of wisdom and holiness.

This body of "logical laws" hides, in plain sight, the profound spiritual and moral Teachings and remarkable legal precepts known as Noahism, No'achism, and Noahidism: the Seven Commandments of the Universal Law.

We wrote Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws, publish Covenant Connection - our online journal/newsletter - and explore, in witing, graphics, sound and video, this extraordinary elevating wisdom.

"Without eliminating existing religions, these sublime moral principles will eventually bring the world's peoples together in harmony and love." - from a review of Rainbow Covenant

Join us! What makes this movement unique? We cut through the hogwash. Under rabbinic supervision, we untangle deep mysteries and uncover far-reaching truths by deploying, rigorously, common sense and Torah.

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January 2018 - Volume 12.4

All Seven Commandments

Each of the Seven Universal Commandments is enumerated with its opposite. Why opposites? Goodness means doing the opposite of what the Noahide Commandments forbid.... The world has at least 500 times more good in it than evil (a basic Scriptural principle). That means, among other things, that the Way of God is no shrunken tunnel: there are many broad pathways to infinite blessing... Democracy is the sole governmental system based on the sacredness of the individual... Also see "Recognizing Israel's Capital," and More....

Coming next (God willing): Theodicy - the Problem of Evil in God's Creation;and clarifying last month's "At least 500 times more good than evil in Creation."

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Mankind cannot rise to the essential principles on which society must rest unless it meets with Israel. And Israel cannot fathom the depths of its own Tradition unless it meets with mankind. - Rabbi Eliyahu Benamozegh (c. 1900)

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