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Fundamental principles:

The Universe didn't "just happen." God is real - even though He gets a bad rap - and Creation is real. If a tree falls in a forest, He hears it. None of the Old Testament prophets was a liar. The human race and the Jewish people are real. Animals are real. The pain of animals is real.

The Children of Israel - in the Bible, the Jews are the "elder brother" of the human race (Exodus 4:22) - are God's "peculiar instrument" (Exodus 19:5). The mission: elevating mankind.

If you think that a loving God Who is involved with His Creation and concerned with every person, force and particle within it is wishful or too good to be true, go here. If you think religion is "opium for the masses," and that the mission of Israel and the Teaching of Israel (the "Torah") in the world is reactionary, irrational or stale, go here.

Israel's obligation to transmit God's Universal laws to others is much of the reason, Israel's Sages wrote, for the Jews' dispersion among the nations. [From Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws]

The First Covenant - or, the Rainbow Covenant, and all the wisdom in it - is the principal pathway for Noahides, "Gentiles," or Non-Jews to approach and relate to God: the Holy, the Almighty, the Eternal Sovereign of the Universe, Who is also known as the God of Abraham, and Adam,and Eve, and Noah, and Moses.

That is what our book and this foundation are all about.

Every genuinely moral law follows from the principle enunciated in what the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, reveals as Universal Revelation, that God made every single person "in His Image" - that is, as an infinitely sacred being, not a mere object, not merely an animal, but in some very profound respects literally like God. The ‘Golden Rule’ (Do unto others….) directly follows. Then come the Seven Universal Commandments: the wealth of wisdom of the Noahide Covenant, the First Covenant, Rainbow Covenant, and Noahism (also "No'achism" and "Noahidism").

* * *

We wrote a very highly regarded book about the Universal Covenant and the great universal moral laws, and the Torah system generally: Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws.

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May 2020 - Volume 14.8

The Not-Quite Universal Laws.

The Not-Quite Universal Laws....Beyond the Seven Laws we know about, are sorcery, emasculation, or  mixing species in the Torah’s “forbidden mixture,” which are all forbidden by Torah, so abhorrent that every nation should ban them? Some great Torah Sages believed so. But by studying their thinking, you see why it’s the Seven, and only the Seven, that have a claim on all humanity. and More

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