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“Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind." (Albert Einstein, 1954).

History integrates the two spheres.

If you think that a loving God Who is involved and concerned with every person, force and particle in Creation is wishful or too good to be true, go here.

If you think religion is “opium for the masses” and the mission and religion of Israel in the world is stale, reactionary or irrational, go here.

The Universe didn't "just happen." If a tree falls in a forest, God-hears it. He is real and Creation is real. None of the Old Testament prophets was a liar. The Jewish people are real.

The Children of Israel - in the Bible, the "elder brother" of the human race (Exodus 4:22) - are just God's peculiar instrument. The cause is humanity's. The mission? Elevating mankind.

The world would be a ghastly place today if not for the Bible, its Teaching (the Torah), and the Jewish People.

Israel's obligation to transmit God's Universal laws to others is much of the reason, Israel's Sages wrote, for the Jews' dispersion among the nations.

So what are non-Jews supposed to do? How are Noahides, "Gentiles," "goyim," supposed to relate to the God of Abraham, and Adam, Eve, Noah and Moses: the King of the Universe? That's what our book and this foundation are all about.

The Rainbow Covenant: Everything starts with the Bible's universal Revelation: that God made each individual human being in His "image."

How can God - the Lord and Father of uncountable galaxies - have an image? The Bible assures us that we are, after all, somewhat like Him. Qualities like foresight, expressive fluent language, self-control, self-knowledge, humor, and sharp intelligence are His.

Every genuinely moral law follows from the truth that every single person is an infinitely sacred being - we're like God, in that respect - not an object nor merely an animal.

The ‘Golden Rule’ (Do unto others….) follows. So do the seven Commandments of the Noahide Covenant or First Covenant, of Noahism (also called No'achism and Noahidism).

The big secret here? The Ten Commandments bind Israel. The Seven Commandments of the universal moral law is the Law that applies to everybody.

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We wrote a very highly regarded book about the Universal Covenant and all these moral laws, and the Torah system generally: Rainbow Covenant: Torah and the Seven Universal Laws.

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August 2019 - Volume 13.12

Hating Hebrews: Mysteries

Hating Hebrews: Mysteries... Weird characteristics of anti-Semitism. No one cares about the Jeffrey Epsteins, Harvey Weinsteins and Bernie Madoffs any more than they credit the Jews for all the creative innovators, geniuses and saints. Stalin and Henry Ford didn't let warm personal relationships with Jews detract from their fierce generalized Jew-hatred. Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia... Martin Luther, brilliant fascist-minded, counter-revolutionary foe of peasants and Torah-inspired freedom movements. Jews commanded to incarnate the holy and decent revolutionary radical, liberating, egalitarian, eternally progressive precepts of Torah...and more.

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